Code of Ethics and Professional Standards Resources

Use this link to access NAR's Code of Ethics, professional standards, and mediation resources.


Code of Ethics Read the full text of NAR's Code of Ethics, see the code explained in video, and learn about publishing the Code of Ethics online

Code of Ethics Training is required of NAR members every 2 years. Access existing REALTOR® ethics training online.

Ethics Complaints, Arbitration Requests, and Related Information Access NAR's resources for your use in understanding and filing ethics complaints and arbitration requests.

Code of Ethics Centennial Celebration 2013 marked the 100th anniversary of NAR's Code of Ethics.

Professional Standards Training Training resources and exercises for use by state and local REALTOR® associations.

Mediation Access mediation resources, training, events, videos, and articles.

Local and State Association Ombudsman Services Learn how to develop an ombudsman program at your association.

Forms, Models, Templates, and Brochures

  • View and download online ethics, mediation, and arbitration forms.

  • Download and customize brochures about professional standards and mediation.


Committees and Work Groups

Read Agendas and Minutes from NAR's professional standards committees and work groups.

Report and Recommendations of the Joint Work Group In 2005, a group of NAR leaders analyzed key issues and concerns related to the Code of Ethics and MLS usage in the context of REALTORS®' use of the Internet as a transactional and marketing tool. 

Professional Standards Committee and Its Role The duty of NAR's Professional Standards Committee is to interpret the Code of Ethics, to recommend amendments to it, and to recommend appropriate action concerning its enforcement. 

Report & Conclusions of the Joint Work Group on Cooperation Issues A working group was convened to consider issues and concerns that cooperation between REALTORS® as historically mandated in the Code of Ethics was in decline, including the practices informally referred to as "pocket listings" and "coming soon" marketing techniques.



NAR hosts a Mediator/Mediation Training and a Professional Standards Education Seminar annually in Chicago.


Professional Standards Training & Mediation Resource Database

Search this database to find mediation officers and other resources on general professional standards education.



NAR Model Citation Policy and Schedule of Fines These models will assist state and local associations in developing citation policies, including fines, for receiving and resolving ethics complaints.

2015 Summary of Key Professional Standards Changes This summary highlights substantive issues and changes in 2015 to NAR's Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual and Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

A Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Multiple Offers This consumer-focused brochure is designed for use by REALTORS® to inform buyers and sellers of the potential consequences of multiple offer situations.

Association Legal Counsel's Role in Professional Standards Enforcement This report from the Legal Counsel Work Group provides guidance on the role of association counsel during ethics and arbitration hearings.

Buyer-Seller Dispute Resolution System (DRS) Designed to resolve disputes between buyers, sellers, and real estate brokers/salespeople not otherwise covered under Article 17 of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Pathways to Professionalism This list of professional courtesies, for use by REALTORS® on a voluntary basis, supplements NAR's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Who Knows How New Your "New" Listing Really Is? To a broker, a “new listing” may mean a new contract. But to buyers, “new listing” suggests a house that’s just come onto the market. What are the implications for truth in advertising?